Nik Neves’ intimate cartography

Nik Neves is a Brazilian comic author and illustrator. Living between Berlin (Germany) and Porto Alegre (Brazil), this illustrator and graphic artist has in travel a major influence. Much of his work is related with the travel experience, from illustrated maps, sketchbook, until comics and visual diaries.

Since 2006 Nik Neves works in his project and magazine Inútil (meaning “useless”, in portuguese), where publishes his comics and personal work.  In 2013, conceived and organized the Independent Publication Fair “Parada Gráfica” in Porto Alegre, Brazil and in April 2018 was one of the curators of the show MAGMA, at Fumetto comics festival in Lucerne.

As illustrator, Nik Neves regularly contribute to magazines all over the world, such as “Descobrir Catalunya”(Spain) and “National Geographic Traveller”(UK), “Arte Magazine” (Germany). His work can be seen in the books, “Illustration now! 5”, and “Mind the Map” from the German publishing houses Taschen and Gestalten.






The story of a chestnut





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